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Design Portfolio

Lucky can come up with a creative professional design for any project you can dream up, from business cards to logos to posters, brochures, flyers, and more! Our talented team of designers can create a custom design in a style that suits the needs of you and your business- from wild and funky to clean and modern!


Take some time to browse through our galleries:


Business Cards

A business card can often be a potential customer's first impression of you and your company! What is your current business card saying about you? At such an affordable price-point there are no excuses to justify not having a business card at all or having a poorly designed card! Check out this gallery of Lucky's business card designs for some inspiration, and let us know when you are ready to take your first impression to the next level!

TM business card design. A design created for a mechanical design company in Massachusetts. The rounded corners give this a nice clean finish. Apparel and Footwear Store Business Card Design. This design really captured the spirit of the store. We did the design with a graphic, urban feel and the bold combination of red, black and white. Just the right amount of style mixed into this business card. Stereo Store Business Card Design. This is a long time favorite design of ours. This store specializes in car and home audio. We worked in the graphic of the audio imput cord and the speaker on the front, along with some explosive neon design elements which resulted in this high energy, dynamic design. We finished the card with rounded corners and a silk finish for a high quality feel.  PC and Video Game Repair Shop Business Card. Here's one for all you nerds out there... and we mean that in the nicest way possible! We love video games too so this one was lots of fun to put together. We combined the characters with some hi-tech looking circuit board illustrations for a unique and stylish computer tech design. Life Coach Business Card. This business card was designed to have a more earthy natural soothing feel to it. We used a warm earth-tone color palette and some distressed texture in the background. Jack n' Jill Tickets. This couple used our business cards to create tickets for their Jack n' Jill. We put together a sweet design with some love birds in a tree.Energy Company Business Card. This energy company is not afraid to have a sense of style.  They used the bright purple color and the playful logo to light up their company image.  The back of their business card doubles as an appointment card or a place to jot some notes! Comedy Club Business Card Design. Designed for a comedy club with a hawaiian theme.  Simple clean layout with some palm tree and hibiscus flower accents to give the design some character.Auto Repair Business Card Design. This business card was designed for an auto repair shop. We combined a picture of a car with it's engine visible, along with some geometric graphic elements like lines, and grids, to make this design come alive.  Florist Business Card Design. Simple yet elegant business card design for a florist shop. Sometimes less is more! The beautiful image of the blooms on the card speaks for itself.


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Postcards & Flyers

Postcards are one of the most versatile ways to advertise your event, sale, or services. We offer a wide variety of sizes to suit your needs. You can use them as a direct mail piece, insert them in your local newspaper or a magazine, hand them out at events, leave stacks of them by your register, slide them into your customer's bag when you are checking them out, etc. The options are limited only by your imagination! Let us know when you are ready to manifest those ideas into marketing materials! 

Tornado Relief Benefit Flyer Design. We donated this design and print for this flyer advertising a concert to benefit the tornado recovery efforts right in our backyard of Western Massachusetts.    Lucky Business Survival Kit Flyer. This is a flyer we designed to promote Lucky Design. We love the detail oriented design elements! Check out the Lucky matches and the canteen with Lucky embossed on it. Our designers outdid themselves on this one! Polished Salon Flyer. We incorporated the hair salon's colors into the effects on the image to create a cohesive Nightclub Flyer. We designed this uniquely sized flyer to promote an event at the posh Onyx nightclub, located near the Basketball Hall of fame (pictured on the bottom). The sparks and red glowing make this design really come alive.  Custom Cycle Flyer Design. Our designers used some images of motorcycles, along with the chain link textures and some flares to create a dynamic design with a gritty edge. All the text was given a chrome shine for the finishing touches. Dress to Impress Birthday Party Flyer. This postcard was designed for a glamorous birthday party being held at a night club. We used some glowing swirls, reflective metallic lettering, and lush red curtains to make the design pop with that red carpet exclusive feel. Property Services Mailer. We did a nice clean design with a modern feel for this property services company. Simple, and to the point, with some upbeat colors. The postcard was used as a direct mail piece to prospective clients.  Cell phone accessories and electronics store flyer. A nice clean design for a cell accessory and computer repair store. Some product shots on one side, and a clear offer on the other concisely communicated our client's message.  ATS Motorsports Flyer Design. Simple but still powerful design for ATS Motorsports. It's the details that set apart our graphic design from the competition. Notice the bolts in the swoosh under the title? Salon and Spa Postcard. We kept this design light to match the cute and upbeat mood of their logo. A few splashes of color with the interlaced lines complete the simple, clean, and feminine look.

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Banners, Posters, Logos, Brochures, & more...

Lucky doesn't just print business cards and flyers...we have a full line of products available to suit your specific marketing needs. Not seeing what you are looking for? Let us know!

 Club Poster. This poster design was created for a theme night at a club called New Year's Celebration Poster. Here is another New Year's poster we designed and printed. This one was for a Hawaiian themed restaurant, so we incorporated some hibiscus flowers and client provided photos, and combined them into the New Year's theme with fireworks and champagne bottles for an overall celebratory design with lots of energy. Perfect for a big party! Show Poster. A poster design created for a live music event featuring a line up of hip-hop artists. Record Label Logo. This logo was designed for an independent record label, combining the roaring lion image and the wings to create a really unique crest for this logo. Chicken Restaurant Logo. This logo was created for a  chicken restaurant. We incorporated a city skyline into the logo because it was located in downtown urban area.Hose Tech Logo. This logo featuring this tough looking bulldog was designed for a company that manufactures industrial strength hoses, chains, and other construction industry supplies. Hawaiian Themed Comedy Club Mailer. This was designed to be distributed by mail, outlining upcoming schedule of events  at this unique restaurant and dinner theatre. We used the Hawaiian theme to pull the whole design together with hibiscus flowers, palm trees, and leis. Hawaiian Themed Comedy Club Mailer. This is the other side of the mail piece for the Hawaiian themed restaurant and dinner theatre.Catering Menu. We created this fun menu for the catering division of a restaurant. We gave it a vintage inspired design, and added some texture to make it look distressed.Energy Broker Trifold Brochure. We designed this brochure for an energy company. The bright colors give it a lighter, more approachable feel, while the design is pretty clean and simple. The piece was handed out, as well as being used as a mailer.Veggie Oil Recycling banner. We created this banner for a company which recycles used vegetable oil for use in biodiesel. The bright colors and green dewey leaf details give this piece a fresh vibrant appeal. The company uses this banner when they set up booths at various events to build awareness about this alternative fuel source. Skate Shop Banner. We created this banner for a skateboard shop. We used some silhouettes and mixed in some textures and patterns to give it the urban street feel the shop was going for.

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