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Lucky's Flyer Sharing Program

Share a flyer with Lucky Design - Your ad on one side, ours on the other.

Looking for a low cost way to promote?

Our Flyer Sharing program might be just right for you.

You get postcards to promote your business or event, we give you an incredible deal on the printing. We put our ad on the back, you distribute the flyers. We share, and everybody wins!*

Here's how it works: 

Flyer sharing is available for 4x6 and 5x7 postcards. Your ad goes on one side, Lucky's ad will go on the other. We offer a really low price for the printing in exchange for you distributing the flyers* 

  • 4x6 - 1000/$45, 2500/$65, 5000/$85
  • 5x7 - 1000/$60, 2500/$105, 5000/$150

First, submit your flyer sharing request and your design. (Don't worry- if you don't have your own design, Lucky's designers can create one for you for an additional charge.) Once your request is approved*, the job will print and ship right to your door just like a normal print job. Then it's up to you to get 'em out there!

*some restrictions may apply