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Frequently Asked Questions

Submitting Your Own Artwork

1. What type of file do I need to submit?
2. What does "full bleed" mean and why should I have one?
3. How do I set up my files for spot uv?
4. How do I make sure my blues print blue?
5. How do I make sure my blacks print black?

Turnaround Times

1. What is the standard turnaround for printing?
2. What is the standard turnaround for design?
3. Will today count as a production day?
4. Is it possible to expedite a job?
5. Can you guarantee I get my job by my deadline?

Products and Services

1. Does Lucky offer direct mail services?

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File Requirements

THESE ARE RGB COLORS, AND THEN THE SAME COLORS IN CMYK.Files should be submitted in either .jpg or .pdf format. Ideal resolution is 300dpi. Lower resolutions will print inferior quality. Files should be CMYK. If files are sent in RGB, there will be an unexpected color shift. See the example below.

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Full Bleed Files

IT IS IMPORTANT TO SUBMIT FILES WITH FULL BLEED, OTHERWISE YOU MAY GET UNEVEN BORDERS. We print on paper that is bigger than the final size of your product, and then cut it down to the final size. The cut may be made anywhere between the cutline and the edge of the document, but not necessarily exactly bewteen the two. That is why it is important that your image has a "full bleed," in other words the image extends to the very edge of the document. If you submit an file that has a border, the cut may be slightly off and you may get an uneven result. See the image below.


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Setting up Spot UV

When creating a Spot UV job, You must include a Spot UV template file along with the regular full color file. The Spot UV template file is used to show where the UV will be placed. Use 100% K to indicate where you would like the UV. White will indicate no UV.REMEMBER "IF IT'S WHITE, YOU CAN WRITE!"


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Printing True Blues

Why do my blues look purple?One of the more challenging colors to print in CMYK is blue. Since blue is a combination of cyan and magenta ink, having the wrong ratio of magenta and cyan ink may cause your printed product to look purple! However, this may not be apparent by looking at your screen. Remember- your screen is projecting light, not mixing ink! To make sure and avoid this problem, check that the blue color you are using has at least a 30% difference between the cyan and magenta values, for example: C/100 M/65 Y/0 K/0


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Printing True Blacks

Another area where you might get some unexpected results is when printing blacks. You would think that if your K value was 100% that you would get a pure black result in print, however instead you will get something that looks more like a charcoal grey. To acheive a true, deep black, you need to include some other inks as well. Our recommendation is the following mix: C/60 M/40 Y/40 K/100


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Standard Print Turnarounds

Turnaround times on our standard, most common products, such as business cards and postcards are 3-4 business days. Additional feautures, such as spot uv or corner rounding will add additional production time to your job. These turnarounds do not include shipping time, which may vary based on your location. These production times are averages- sometimes things may occur that will cause a job to take longer. These times are not guaranteed!

Here is a list of estimated turnaround times for some of our products:

Business Cards
3-4 business days
3-4 business days
4-5 business days
4-5 business days
4-5 business days
Scoring or Folding
+ 1 business day
Corner Rounding
+ 1 business day
Spot UV
+ 2 business day


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Standard Design Turnarounds

Once we receive a completed design questionnaire and payment for a design, you can expect to get your first proof within 3-5 business days. (For business cards and postcards, typical turnaround is 3 days. For brochures or other larger projects, 5 days is average.) Expedited design service may be available for an additional fee. Please indicate on your design questionnaire if you are in need of expedited service. For more details on the design process, please check the custom design section of our site! If you still have questions, please contact us. We'd be more than happy to help!

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Will today count as a production day?

That depends on the time of day we receive your job. Jobs received by 11:30am EST will be included on today's print list, while jobs received after that time will be cued for production tomorrow.

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Expediting a Job

Expediting is available for an additional cost. There are two ways to expedite: production, and/or shipping. If you expedite production, this essentially moves your job to the front of the line and reduces time in production. You can also stick with regular production time and choose a faster shipping option. Or- you can do both. Just keep in mind that expedited service is not a guarantee that you will get your job by your deadline. There are occasional circumstances that may hold up even an expedited job.

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Can Lucky Guarantee you get your job on time?

Unfortunately- NO :(
Although we wish we could make a promise, and usually our printing delivers on time or early, there are no guarantees in printing. Occasionally things can go wrong: a machine may jam, a job may not pass quality control and need to be reprinted, or even weather events can hold things up. Although these things rarley happen, there is always a possibility a job can be held up. Even expedited jobs can be held up! For this reason, we suggest that you plan your jobs out to allow enough time for design and printing.

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Does Lucky offer direct mail services?

Yes, we do! Our mailing service includes list scrubbing to make sure you aren't wasting money on mailing to invalid addresses, inkjet printing of addresses to your piece, bundling and prep for bulk mailing, and delivery to the Post Office. You will need to provide your own mailing list.

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