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What is CMYK?

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Ever hear the term “CMYK” and wonder what the heck that technical jargon actually means? Those letters stand for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (aka black), the standard ink colors on most printers, including the large printing presses used to print our products. You may have even bought cartridges in those colors for your printer in your home or office. The press combines tiny dots of each colors to create an array of different color variations in your printed piece.  Since CMYK mode is intended for printing, the colors in a CMYK may look funny on your screen, which operates...   Read more →

Spotlight On Silk Cards

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Want to set yourself apart from the crowd? Adding a unique element to your design can can do just that. Something as simple as a rounded corner, a thicker stock, or a special finish can be all you need to communicate quality, attention to detail, and build confidence in your brand!At Lucky, silk finish cards are one of our favorite ways to turn a good business card into a great one. The silk finish creates a matte sheen on the surface of the card and gives it a distinctive look and feel. Silk finish can be further accentuated by adding...   Read more →

Summer Marketing Tips

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Many businesses experience a decrease in business during the summer months, but there is also a lot to take advantage of as things heat up! Here are some ideas to make the most of your marketing efforts this summer. Get outside! Need an excuse to get out of the office? It's the perfect weather to go door to door flyering! Make sure to customize your postcards or door hangers with a bright and fresh summertime design. Go where your customers are! Set up a booth at an outdoor fair or famer's market. Make your display look great with a colorful...   Read more →

What Does Your Business Card Say About You?

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First impressions matter, and your business card is your opportunity to make a positive, lasting impression on potential customers. Don't squander it by handing out sub-par business cards to represent you and your business!  Although business cards serve a utilitarian purpose (sharing your contact information), they also say something about who you are, whether you intend to or not. A card printed on flimsy stock may make it appear that you are inexperienced or cheap, while a card printed on a heavy stock creates the impression of quality. Special printing techniques or paper stocks show that you pay attention...   Read more →

5 Commons Mistakes On Print Advertising

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Cluttering Your Flyer Just because the space is available, doesn't mean you have to fill all of it! Visual clutter is not only unappealing, it also makes it more difficult for the reader to figure out what your message is. Make sure to edit your copy down to only the most important information. Even though it's tempting to try and provide the reader with lots of information, your recipient will be much more likely to read your piece (and respond!) if your message is clear, direct, and simple. Include only the most relevant information on your flyer to avoid clutter...   Read more →