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Behind the Scenes - Illustration Process

Today, we thought we'd share with you a behind the scenes look at creating a vector illustration. For this particular project, the client had an existing sticker that had a photo and their logo. He wanted us to make a vector of the photo to have screen printed onto a tshirt. He also wanted to add a bandana to the kid in the photo, and a brick wall in the background. He wanted it to look like a stencil- almost like in the style of Banksy. Here are the source images we started with:  And here's our finished piece:     Read more →

Choosing a Graphic Designer

One of the most vital parts of planning a successful printing project is choosing the right graphic designer. This is true whether you plan on printing important marketing materials such as postcards, business cards, catalogs or brochures, setting up a new website, or want to secure a new logo for your business. These professionals can simplify and streamline your marketing and printing projects while ensuring breathtaking results, or if you're working with the wrong one - make them a living nightmare. With their knowledge and experience, your graphic designer should be able to strategically design your visuals to guarantee to make the...   Read more →

Logo Design, Concept to Creation

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We thought we would share some of the behind-the-scenes of creating a logo with you. Today's example is a logo we just completed for DJ Sport. Read on to see all the stages this logo went through to evolve from an idea to this finished logo. Client Discovery That's a fancy way of saying: gathering information from our client. Sometimes people come to us with a very specific idea, while other times we have a little brainstorming session about the direction. We talk about target audience, overall feel/style, what type of logo they prefer (wordmark only, icon, emblem, etc.), and toss around...   Read more →

Silk Spot UV vs. Matte Spot UV

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You’ve probably heard us singing the praises of silk spot uv (if you haven’t, you should immediately sign up for our newsletter!), but we realize that everyone may not be as familiar with the nuances of print finishes as we are. Today, we thought we would elaborate on some of the differences between silk finish and regular matte and explain why we love the silk+spot uv equation. Let’s start by saying spot uv can easily be tacky if not used well. Spot UV & Design Let’s start by saying spot uv can easily be tacky if not used well. Try and be original with...   Read more →

5 Marketing Mistakes Small Business Owners Should Avoid

Running a small business can be quite difficult at times, especially if you’re trying to compete with the “big guys” on the market. The ugly truth is that, as a small business, you will never have the resources and the budget to defeatthe larger companies.What you can do instead, is work your way up there and become one of those “big guys”. The only way to do this is by investing time and effort in your company and taking wise marketing decisions. This article can be a good starting point for you, as it presents the biggest marketing mistakes that...   Read more →