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7 Creative Ways to Use Business Cards

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A Brief History of the Business card You may think that the business cards’ original purpose was to market and advertise for businesses, but that wasn’t it at all. Most historians speculate that the business cards originated in 15th century China and were, “used by aristocrats and royalty to announce their arrival to their hosts”. They had a similar use in 16th century Europe, better known as calling cards. Later on, shops started making trade cards that usually listed their goods and services. However, they did not contain addresses because for a while, roads were not named. So instead, they...   Read more →

How to Get Responses to Your Outbound Prospecting Emails

Sending cold emails is tough and can be draining if you’re not getting results. Here are some tips that should get you on the right track to getting responses on the messages you send.

Easy Marketing Ideas for Restaurants & Nightclubs

It’s easy to fall into a routine for marketing your restaurant, nightclub or bar, but you don’t need a huge budget or a grandiose scheme to get more customers in the door. Here are some simple ideas to mix it up and take advantage of resources you might be overlooking!  Create a VIP pass People love to feel special and VIP passes are a great way to tap into that desire. A VIP pass can get them into a special seating section, reward them with the best parking, or score them a free drink. Whatever the reward, your VIPs are sure...   Read more →

15+ Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Real estate is an extremely competitive field. It’s saturated and ruthless—but professionals who put in that extra effort are going to be rewarded. Real estate marketing has always been something that only a few people figure out. It’s either spammy or just plain disconnected.

Here’s a list of ideas you can pull from. Start implementing some of these today and you’re already improving your marketing efforts for sure.

Lucky To Have Known You - A Benefit in Memory of Nathan A. Dumas

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Dear Friends and Customers,  Many of you knew Nathan, our founder and the face of Lucky Design + Media since it's start. He was loved and respected by many. In fact, it's a regular occurrence that a customer who hasn't reached out in a while shares their story with me about how much they enjoyed doing business with Nathan, or how he helped them at some point early in their career. Helping new business owners or budding artists was probably one of the main motivators in Nathan's career. He even helped convince me that I had what it took to take the leap...   Read more →