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Fonts, Fonts, Fonts!

The Importance of  Fantastic Text For most people, choosing a font is an afterthought, even a non-thought. For work or school, it's the classic Times New Roman or easy-to-read Arial. While these traditional fonts have their place in the traditional world, they aren't exactly eye-catching or inspirational. Have you ever seen a business card, flyer or website that made you want to engage with its owner, attend an event or make a purchase? That's probably because the designer of that media took the time and effort to scour through hundreds or thousands of fonts to create the perfect graphic, document...   Read more →

Silk Spot UV vs. Matte Spot UV

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You’ve probably heard us singing the praises of silk spot uv (if you haven’t, you should immediately sign up for our newsletter!), but we realize that everyone may not be as familiar with the nuances of print finishes as we are. Today, we thought we would elaborate on some of the differences between silk finish and regular matte and explain why we love the silk+spot uv equation. Let’s start by saying spot uv can easily be tacky if not used well. Spot UV & Design Let’s start by saying spot uv can easily be tacky if not used well. Try and be original with...   Read more →

Top 7 Branding Tips for Small Business Owners

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Even though you run a small business, there is no excuse for not branding it properly. What you must keep in mind is that branding is absolutely crucial for your company. Therefore, it’s not something that can be overlooked as it helps you get seen and well-received among your prospective customers. Think of your business as a person who needs a name, an identity and a unique personality so as to be successful. Every person has an individual character that defines their purposes, values and beliefs and this shouldn’t be any different for businesses. In order to help you build...   Read more →

5 Commons Mistakes On Print Advertising

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Cluttering Your Flyer Just because the space is available, doesn't mean you have to fill all of it! Visual clutter is not only unappealing, it also makes it more difficult for the reader to figure out what your message is. Make sure to edit your copy down to only the most important information. Even though it's tempting to try and provide the reader with lots of information, your recipient will be much more likely to read your piece (and respond!) if your message is clear, direct, and simple. Include only the most relevant information on your flyer to avoid clutter...   Read more →