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Finding The Right One To Suit Your Target Audience

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Finding the right tone of voice is crucial when creating content for both the online and offline environment. That precise tone will help you reveal your unique personality and products / services, communicate efficiently with your target audience and differentiate yourself from your competitors. But, in order to find the most appropriate voice, you must first establish who your audience is. Targeting the Audience Analyzing your audience should be the first and most important step of your writing process. If you fail to determine who your customers are, then your content will be directed towards the wrong audience and all...   Read more →

Direct Mail Can Help Your Business Succeed

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We live in a digital age, that's for sure. But the benefits of direct mail should not be overlooked when planning your marketing strategy. Direct mail is still one of the most effective ways to promote your business, putting your message directly in the hands (literally!) of your customers. Your marketing piece is getting directly into the hands of your audience.  According to the Postal Service, 98% of mail gets brought in the same day it is delivered, and 77% of it gets sorted through immediately. This means your message is getting seen by your viewers! You don't have to...   Read more →