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Professional Graphic Design vs. DIY

A customer recently came to us looking to upgrade his DIY (do it yourself) flyer he had been using for a while. Which flyer gets the message & details across to you clearly?    BEFORE  AFTER We helped our customer deliver his message in an effective and professional way. The details couldn't be missed, and the company appears more established. Our customer said the difference is night and day and we're happy that he's happy! Why go with professional design? Here are the reasons why: Pro graphic design creates a professional look and instantly builds trust with your audience Visual...   Read more →

5 Marketing Mistakes Small Business Owners Should Avoid

Running a small business can be quite difficult at times, especially if you’re trying to compete with the “big guys” on the market. The ugly truth is that, as a small business, you will never have the resources and the budget to defeatthe larger companies.What you can do instead, is work your way up there and become one of those “big guys”. The only way to do this is by investing time and effort in your company and taking wise marketing decisions. This article can be a good starting point for you, as it presents the biggest marketing mistakes that...   Read more →

Revolutionize and Simplify Your Marketing Plan with EDDM

If you are a small business and you’re looking to easily reach your local customers, then EDDM can be the right method for you. The EDDM program translates into Every Door Direct Mail and it is of great help in delivering marketing postcards to specificneighborhoods. You will make use of the carrier routes and you will be able to choose the date of the delivery. EDDM can benefit your business and marketing strategy in various ways and we will explain all of them in the following paragraphs.   Save Money Unlike other marketing strategies and activities, EDDM is extremely affordable...   Read more →

Finding The Right One To Suit Your Target Audience

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Finding the right tone of voice is crucial when creating content for both the online and offline environment. That precise tone will help you reveal your unique personality and products / services, communicate efficiently with your target audience and differentiate yourself from your competitors. But, in order to find the most appropriate voice, you must first establish who your audience is. Targeting the Audience Analyzing your audience should be the first and most important step of your writing process. If you fail to determine who your customers are, then your content will be directed towards the wrong audience and all...   Read more →

Quick Guide: Planning Your Holiday Marketing Schedule

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It’s barely Halloween, but we've all seen Christmas items on the shelves since early October. We may not like to get rushed into the holidays by retailers, but if you are marketing your business this holiday season, you need to be planning your campaigns NOW (if you haven't already)! Planning ahead will save you headaches, but it will also save you money by avoiding rush fees and overnight shipping charges.     Start your holiday marketing calendar by reverse engineering your project backwards from the date of your event, sale, or target date.  This will help you figure out when...   Read more →