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Professional Graphic Design vs. DIY

A customer recently came to us looking to upgrade his DIY (do it yourself) flyer he had been using for a while. Which flyer gets the message & details across to you clearly?    BEFORE  AFTER We helped our customer deliver his message in an effective and professional way. The details couldn't be missed, and the company appears more established. Our customer said the difference is night and day and we're happy that he's happy! Why go with professional design? Here are the reasons why: Pro graphic design creates a professional look and instantly builds trust with your audience Visual...   Read more →

Fonts, Fonts, Fonts!

The Importance of  Fantastic Text For most people, choosing a font is an afterthought, even a non-thought. For work or school, it's the classic Times New Roman or easy-to-read Arial. While these traditional fonts have their place in the traditional world, they aren't exactly eye-catching or inspirational. Have you ever seen a business card, flyer or website that made you want to engage with its owner, attend an event or make a purchase? That's probably because the designer of that media took the time and effort to scour through hundreds or thousands of fonts to create the perfect graphic, document...   Read more →

Silk Spot UV vs. Matte Spot UV

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You’ve probably heard us singing the praises of silk spot uv (if you haven’t, you should immediately sign up for our newsletter!), but we realize that everyone may not be as familiar with the nuances of print finishes as we are. Today, we thought we would elaborate on some of the differences between silk finish and regular matte and explain why we love the silk+spot uv equation. Let’s start by saying spot uv can easily be tacky if not used well. Spot UV & Design Let’s start by saying spot uv can easily be tacky if not used well. Try and be original with...   Read more →

5 Ways A Good Designer Can Help Your Business

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Some business owners believe that knowing a little bit of Photoshop is enough to design all the materials for their company, without even thinking of hiring a professional. What they don’t realize is that a designer is more than a technician. He/she doesn’t just push the buttons in Photoshop or other programs; he/she also has the vision and the talent to come up with innovative designs that will brand your business and convey its unique personality and identity. Your designer should understand the nuances of visual communication as well as the strengths and limitations of different media and how to maximize impact in each. Your...   Read more →