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Top 7 Branding Tips for Small Business Owners

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Even though you run a small business, there is no excuse for not branding it properly. What you must keep in mind is that branding is absolutely crucial for your company. Therefore, it’s not something that can be overlooked as it helps you get seen and well-received among your prospective customers. Think of your business as a person who needs a name, an identity and a unique personality so as to be successful. Every person has an individual character that defines their purposes, values and beliefs and this shouldn’t be any different for businesses. In order to help you build...   Read more →

5 Ways A Good Designer Can Help Your Business

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Some business owners believe that knowing a little bit of Photoshop is enough to design all the materials for their company, without even thinking of hiring a professional. What they don’t realize is that a designer is more than a technician. He/she doesn’t just push the buttons in Photoshop or other programs; he/she also has the vision and the talent to come up with innovative designs that will brand your business and convey its unique personality and identity. Your designer should understand the nuances of visual communication as well as the strengths and limitations of different media and how to maximize impact in each. Your...   Read more →

What Does Your Business Card Say About You?

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First impressions matter, and your business card is your opportunity to make a positive, lasting impression on potential customers. Don't squander it by handing out sub-par business cards to represent you and your business!  Although business cards serve a utilitarian purpose (sharing your contact information), they also say something about who you are, whether you intend to or not. A card printed on flimsy stock may make it appear that you are inexperienced or cheap, while a card printed on a heavy stock creates the impression of quality. Special printing techniques or paper stocks show that you pay attention...   Read more →