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Logo Design, Concept to Creation

Posted by Julia Goldberg on

DJ Sport Logo designed by Lucky Design + MediaWe thought we would share some of the behind-the-scenes of creating a logo with you. Today's example is a logo we just completed for DJ Sport. Read on to see all the stages this logo went through to evolve from an idea to this finished logo.

Client Discovery

That's a fancy way of saying: gathering information from our client. Sometimes people come to us with a very specific idea, while other times we have a little brainstorming session about the direction. We talk about target audience, overall feel/style, what type of logo they prefer (wordmark only, icon, emblem, etc.), and toss around some potential concepts. DJ Sport wanted a horizontal logo without any icon. He also wanted some sort of design element surrounding or encasing the wordmark. He provided us with another dj's logo that he really liked as inspiration.


Research comes next. We will check out competitors logos, both for inspiration and also to make sure we don't end up inadvertently design something too similar to an existing logo. We want you to stand out from your competition, not get confused with them! At the same time, you are trying to appeal to a particular customer base, so we have to make sure that your logo has an appropriate look and feel for that demographic. Also- we don't want to design something cliché! Check out what we found when we googled "dj logos":

Google image search results for "dj logos"

Sketching Ideas

Next comes the sketching and idea stage. The designer will often sketch out (either on paper or digitally) different layouts until s/he arrives at some that have potential. Usually the designer needs to work through a lot of ideas that don't work before they arrive at some ideas that willwork. 

Initial sketches for DJ Sport's logo

If the sketches were made the old fashioned way, with a pen or a pencil, the designer will then recreate them digitally and refine the design a bit once it's digital.

First Proofs

We prefer to present clients with 3 independent concepts to choose from on the first round of proofs, however sometimes if the client has a very specific concept, or if there are budget constraints, we might just show one initial design. The good thing about seeing several distinct designs is that typically the client will clearly gravitate to just one of the ideas. Often it's hard for someone to put their finger on what exactly they want us to do, but once they see the choices, it becomes very clear what they like (or don't like). In the example we're showing you today, we had a pretty specific concept for the logo, so we presented a number of subtle variations on the same design concept.

First logo proofs


Lastly, after the client has selected a favorite, there are usually some tweaks that need to made to the chosen design. If there are elements of another one of the concepts that the client likes (for example color, font choice, etc.) they can always be incorporated into the design that they like the most. DJ Sport really liked the lower left version the best, but he wasn't too crazy about the "DJ" part. He asked us to re-work it a little, and he wanted either a design or a container around the word. We further refined the idea he liked and showed him these options: 

Final options for logo design

Completed Logo

Final logo for DJ Sport, created by Lucky Design + MediaAs you can see, there are a lot of stages for a logo to evolve from concept to final design. A logo is something that represents your entire brand. It will be on everything from the sign on the front of your store, to business cards, to t-shirts, ads, letterhead, and more. A logo design deserves attention, time, and scrutiny because it will be the face of your business for many years to come!

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  • Very interesting too see the process. Cool logo too.

    Chuck on
  • Exactly Frankie! You get what you pay for, right?
    We take what we do seriously!

    Lucky Design + Media on
  • Great post. I often ask folks who is going to do all those steps for you for $5 dollars!?

    Frankie on

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