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Revolutionize and Simplify Your Marketing Plan with EDDM

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If you are a small business and you’re looking to easily reach your local customers, then EDDM can be the right method for you. The EDDM program translates into Every Door Direct Mail and it is of great help in delivering marketing postcards to specificneighborhoods. You will make use of the carrier routes and you will be able to choose the date of the delivery. EDDM can benefit your business and marketing strategy in various ways and we will explain all of them in the following paragraphs.


Save Money

Unlike other marketing strategies and activities, EDDM is extremely affordable because the postage rates are extremely low. The price is $0.175 per piece, so it is a great deal especially for small businesses with lower budgets. Moreover, you don’t need any postal permits. Basically, they will be able to specifically target a marketing campaign to their wanted geographical area without investing too much money into this action. It is an affordable method of local marketing and it is also extremely simple to put into practice, since the carriers will take care of most of the work.


Easy to Produce Materials

The materials intended for delivery are extremely simple to produce. You just need a good graphic designer who will create flyers or postcards that convey your company’s messages and then you can print them and hand them on to the carriers who will take care of the distribution process. Moreover, the EDDM service supports versatile and large formats, such as postcards measuring 15” x 12”. This offers enough space for your images and marketing messages. Also, you have the possibility to choose between postcards and flyers, so you can select the product that best suits your campaign.

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