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5 Ways A Good Designer Can Help Your Business

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Some business owners believe that knowing a little bit of Photoshop is enough to design all the materials for their company, without even thinking of hiring a professional. What they don’t realize is that a designer is more than a technician. He/she doesn’t just push the buttons in Photoshop or other programs; he/she also has the vision and the talent to come up with innovative designs that will brand your business and convey its unique personality and identity. Your designer should understand the nuances of visual communication as well as the strengths and limitations of different media and how to maximize impact in each. Your graphic designer should be a significant resource for your company. There are various other ways a good designer can help your business and we’ve listed some of them below.


We’ve already mentioned this in the introduction, but a professional and talented designer has the power to build your brand, starting with an outstanding logo, and carrying through to every promotional and marketing piece you will need. This consistency throughout all your materials is essential to building a recognized, trusted brand, and it's not as easy to achieve as you would think. Your graphic designer will know how to create materials that are both attractive and functional and can target your specific audience. An excellent designer will have the skills to make an instant connection between your brand and the services / products you offer.


Most of the times, the design is what helps you make a good first impression. If your logo, for example, looks cheap, then you can say good-bye to your prospective customers. On the other hand, a good design will convey professionalism and will put your business in a favorable light, making that first impression an outstanding one.


Badly designed materials will not only negatively affect your productivity and efficiency, but also your budget. Printing can be quite expensive and it can be even more expensive if you have to do reprints due to mistakes! In other words, if your design has technical issues, then you will have to invest more money in correcting mistakes, or creating another design. This is no fun for any business owner.

Secondly, having an amateurish design on your flyer, business card, or brochure will shake your potential customers' confidence. The cost in lost business is not worth the few dollars you will save on the design bill. When working with an experienced graphic designer, you can be sure that he/she will do his/her best to create a budget-friendly design that is not expensive to produce and print. 


A competent designer is not only useful because he/she can help you with your logo and business cards. They are able to communicate your ideas in the simplest and most appealing way possible. They can create visuals that will make people connect with your business, and we all know that a good image can say more than 1,000 words. A designer will create professional images and use them to convey positive impressions.

Although it may be tempting to save a few bucks and have your neighbor's kid who took a graphics class in high school create your next marketing piece,  neglecting to address your company’s design needs professionally will end up negatively affecting employees, vendors and customers. On the other hand, using the appropriate design will greatly serve your business and will help it grow. So, there is no reason to think twice before hiring a good designer because he/she will be one of the most important cogs in your business’ machinery.

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