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Bypass the Bubble: Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Pros

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Real Estate MarketingOver the years we’ve developed many mutually rewarding relationships with real estate agents and brokers. For a lot of realtors and agents, the following ideas for marketing materials came from a lot of trial and error through years in the business. With their help, we’ve compiled a list of suggestions and tips for postcards, door hangers and other printed promotional tools to help you boost your offline visibility while discovering and building the relationships that are so vital to your success.

Knock ‘Em Dead With Door Hangers

Market your real estate business with door hangersIf you’re eager to get out and connect with the renters (future buyers!) and homeowners (future sellers!) in your neighborhood or other location(s) of specialty, we can’t think of a better way than using door hangers. Few other devices allow you the opportunity for such personal contact, and a well-designed door hanger is the perfect excuse to knock on some doors.

Even if your potential real estate clients aren’t home when you come around, a door hanger is visible and won’t have to compete with a stack of other mail. For extra credit, add a removable, perforated coupon or business card at the bottom to make your contact information easily accessible.

Get Busy With Business Cards

We’ve already acknowledged how important it is to find and develop relationships in the real estate world, and business cards are a great way to introduce yourself and leave everyone you meet with a way to remember - and contact - you. Creating a card that is functional and visually appealing is essential to making sure your marketing budget is well-spent.

Many locations in your community have bulletin boards, and business cards are the perfect size for posting! You may even be able to leave a few on the counter. It’s to your benefit to find places where your potential customers are without competing directly with other realtors, agents or brokers. Consider a hardware store, garden supply center or cards are a great way to introduce yourself

Pitch Your Properties With Postcards

For versatility, nothing beats a good postcard. In an industry where visibility is key, postcards serve multiple purposes:

  • Buyers and sellers alike see that you actively market properties in their area, and can take advantage of your expertise.
  • Postcards build TOMA (top of mind awareness), which means when someone says “Real estate? Yeah, I’ve got a guy (or gal)!” they mean you.
  • They allow you to target specific neighborhoods with different mailings, so you can focus your real estate marketing demographics more accurately.

When mailing your postcards, you can use your own list of addresses (if you have one), or take advantage of Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) available from USPS. If you’re unfamiliar, you should definitely check it out. Need help? We can print and design EDDM pieces, and even offer mailing services!

Mail campaigns allow you to target very specific demographics.

Personalize Your Presence With Hand-Written Thank You Cards

Build TOMA and make a personal connection with custom handwritten thank you cardsAnother great way to increase your TOMA rank is to send out personalized folded cards. The personal touch of envelopes and thank-you notes that are written by hand goes far to improve and solidify your professional relationships. In this article about offline marketing, Geneva Ives provides some excellent suggestions for when hand-written cards are appropriate:

  • After a listing presentation
  • When you secure a new listing
  • After a showing
  • After the close of escrow
  • On the homeowner’s one-year anniversary
  • When you receive a referral
  • After a client appreciation event

The personal touch of notes that are written by hand goes far to solidify your professional relationships.

Whether you’re a real estate agent with established relationships in your area or a new broker just starting out, your marketing materials say a lot about you. Many times they are the first point of contact between you and your clients. We know that choosing, designing and distributing door hangers, postcards, flyers and other print media can get confusing and frustrating, and we’re here to help. Get in touch and get Lucky!

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